Huntsman Spider


The natural tendency when confronted by a spider that’s almost the size of your own hand is to be scared, very scared. In the eight years I’ve lived in Australia so far though, I’ve learned to like one of Australia’s biggest spiders, the Huntsman spider. And that’s what I decided to write about for Australia [...]

funnel web

Having broken the silence a couple of articles back to start talking about Australia’s Bag Things in my column for Australia and New Zealand magazine, I found I could no longer stop. I was singing like a bird, which reminds me, I must tell them about the cassowary. Anyway, after opening the can of worms [...]


I have written many, many posts about intruders coming into my house. Only last week I presented you with a small list linking to just a handful of such posts when I wrote about being Viciously Attacked in My Own Back Garden! I have also written about the Huntsman Spider before, in a post called [...]

Just before Christmas and at a time when I should have been spreading the festive goodwill, I presented you with a post called The Funnel Web Spider of Australia and Death. It included two videos and a picture of Australia’s deadliest spider. Since then many of us will have enjoyed eating our Christmas turkey, but [...]

huntsmans fangs

Once a year, around this time each year, we have our house sprayed for pest control. It costs around $250 and I wrote about the last time we had it done in my post called Good News for Those Scared of Australian Spiders and Creepy Crawlies. Time, I think, that we have it redone. But [...]