How To Move To Australia


A major concern for many people thinking of moving to Australia is will I miss my friends? Will I make new friends? I’ve asked these questions before in previous posts and given my thoughts and ideas on them. It is such an important part of the “moving to Australia” process, that I included my previous [...]

Mark E Smith

As part of my How to Move to Australia series, I included a post about those final days before boarding your flight on a one-way ticket to Oz. Nostalgia kind of kicks in, and you find yourself saying goodbye to some places in addition to the obvious farewells to your friends and family. I found [...]


The other day I was looking for something on my own blog and couldn’t find it. “That’s not good” I thought. If I can’t find it, who can? As I am a very sharp cookie indeed, it didn’t take me long to work out the problem. You see, I was looking for something in my [...]


But first…… Breaking News! This just in…. Details are still a little bit hazy, but apparently, yesterday, this country discovered who won the election and consequently, who is running the country. The guy who won the most seats, got the most primary votes and was ahead on a two-party preferred basis, well, he lost. But [...]