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It’s been quite some time since I last took a good look at house price comparisons between these two countries, maybe too long. So let’s put that right today. The problem with these comparisons though is, where do you get your information from? The last time I looked at Australian prices in my post called [...]


Australia is a very big country, we all know that. But sometimes it might be better looking at Australia as eight pretty big countries as each and every one of our states and territories are run separately from each other. Each has its own state government and each of these states perform differently in key [...]


Don’t worry, that’s not the official view. Not everybody likes immigrants and some people will do whatever they can to try and stop people from wanting to moving here to Australia from overseas. One such person decided to leave a comment on this website over the weekend, meet… Joe The picture is not really Joe, [...]


So, we have some geezer who has been wandering around Australia predicting that 2014 will see dramatic house price falls here in Australia, he is quoting a minimum of 27% in Sydney. Should we believe him? After all, he is also trying to sell a book on the subject. Predictions are fun, but you can’t [...]


As you know, here at Bobinoz we love a survey or a report. Hot off the press, today I came across the summer 2013 report from RP Data all about property prices in Australia. First, who is RP Data? In their own words, they are “the biggest provider of property information, analytics and risk management [...]


I have written many articles about the cost of living here in Australia on this website. But a few months ago, I realised I hadn’t written anything about the same subject for my monthly column in Australia and New Zealand magazine. So I decided to put that right, and starting in their “summer issue”, which [...]


It’s been awhile since I last talk about Australian house prices and compared them to those in the UK; I’m surely due to do that again, but not now. When I have talked about it previously, I have suggested that Australia doesn’t really do house price crashes or the “boom and bust” stuff so common [...]


I have quite a few posts about house prices and I’ve also written one about the size of Australian houses and plots of land. Surely it wasn’t that long ago that I was bragging my house is bigger than your house? Turns out it was quite a while ago, I wrote that post in December [...]