House Geckos


It was almost two and a half years ago that I wrote a post called Australia’s NOT Bad Things. It featured a little creature we get quite a few of around the house and at the time I described them as “cute”. Cute is not a word I would use to describe them today. More [...]


Jungle Law on My Window Pane In a slight departure from the norm here on BobinOz, today’s post covers bodily excretions, sex, mutilation, death and bad language. So, let’s get started! I want to share something with you about the smallest room in our house. Yes, I want to talk about my toilet. At night, [...]


Welcome to the most miss named category on BobinOz. Yes it’s time for another entry into Australia’s Bad Things. This category was originally started so that I could provide you with photographs, descriptions and the stories behind the intruders that invade my property on a daily basis. In order to give a balanced view, I [...]