Holidays Australia


It was around the middle of March this year when Mrs BobinOz said she wanted to have a little chat with me about something. She wanted me to sit down for it, never a good sign. I was expecting the worst. “How do you fancy a holiday abroad?” She said. Ah, this isn’t so bad, [...]


Yes, after a long hard term doing all that learning stuff, it’s the school holidays here in Australia. At last, time for their well-deserved rest, or… Time to have some fun! Let’s see, what could we do? Well there are several theme parks down at the Gold Coast, just one and a bit hour’s drive. [...]


Here in Australia it is the start of another long weekend, just as it is in England. So it is time for us all to kick back and relax. My birthday is in the first week of May and when I lived in England, it became a tradition of mine to have a barbecue on [...]