When indeed! On the 13th June, 2011, we celebrated the Queen’s Birthday here in Australia by having the day off. You can read about that in my post called It’s Great to Be a Queen. In 2010 it was June 14, as you will know from my post called Another Queensland Bank Holiday Monday! And [...]


What is backpacking? Well, I’m only taking a really wild guess here, but I assume backpacking gets its name from the notion that you carry everything you need to survive your lengthy tour, in a bag, on your back. A backpack. Backpacking in Australia is hugely popular, probably because the weather is fantastic, the beaches [...]


By now I had hoped to be able to publish my first ever live post from Thailand. It was going to be my BobinThailand Special. The fact that you are seeing this post (one that I prepared earlier) instead, means that for some reason or other, it hasn’t been possible for me. This can only [...]


Yes, as you’re reading this I’m not here. I’m on holiday. This is my first major holiday since our road trip back in January 2009. On that occasion we jumped into the car and we went from here, Brisbane, to Yamba – Port Macquarie – Sydney – Bateman’s Bay – Lakes Entrance – Melbourne – [...]