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As you probably know, we love a good report or survey here on Bobinoz. Australia normally does quite well in these things too, which is probably why I like them so much. For example, Australia’s biggest two cities did very well when compared to London and New York in the Safe Cities Index report of [...]


We didn’t have a post on Monday because it was a public holiday here in Australia. And there were no posts last Wednesday or Friday because I was on holiday in Japan. Tokyo to be precise. It’s a little different to Australia… We did get out of Tokyo for one day as well, taking a [...]

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Yes, it’s Australia Day today… We Interrupt This Holiday for…erm… A Holiday! The Australia Day Party Is On! The Problem with Australia Day As an Australian, it is my duty to drink beer and NOT do any work. So I’ll be off then. Catch you later.


This is another one of my “I’m not here” posts. By that I mean I’m not in Brisbane, I’m still here though, as in on the planet and still in Australia. I’m just not at home; this post has gone live by the magic of scheduling whilst we enjoy our second one-week summer holiday. Me, [...]


One of the main attractions of moving to Australia has got to be the outdoor lifestyle. Australia has miles and miles and miles of golden beaches, hectares and hectares of bush, hundreds of national parks, scenic rolling hills, serene countryside and stunning hinterlands. All of which is, of course, made even more enjoyable by the [...]


Today is People’s Day here in Brisbane. What is People’s Day? You may well ask, because this week was the first I’d ever heard of it. Further investigation suggests to me that the actual title of this day is the “Royal National Agricultural Show Day Queensland” but I can see how much easier it is [...]


There was no post yesterday, Monday, which is unusual for me. Today is Tuesday and I am going to do a post, which is also unusual for me. Well, I need to catch up. Those of you who have read last week’s posts will know that I have been in Darwin, having a bit of [...]


We interrupt this blog to bring you an important message…. Yes, if you managed to watch all 2 minutes 33 seconds of that video then I am sure you will have got my message. We are going on a summer holiday. That’s me, Mrs Bobinoz and Elizabeth. But hold on Bob, it’s not summer [...]