Holiday Destination


It’s at this time of the week that we get to have a look around elsewhere in Australia. I like to keep it topical if I can and tie in with something recent in the news and then top it all off with a YouTube video. This week my choice was made very easy with [...]


As you know, I’m currently BobinThailand. Me, my wife and my daughter are hopefully having a good time. Actually, it’s not just the three of us either; we are with a rather large gang. I haven’t rounded everyone up and tagged them yet, but at a guess we are about 20 or so adults with [...]

Surfers Paradise

With another Elizabeth sleepover on Saturday came a further opportunity for a childfree evening in a drinking hole for me and the wife, and this time we decided to stay out all night. Surfers Paradise is probably Australia’s most popular holiday destination. It’s on the Gold Coast and only about an hour and a quarter [...]

this way

As you may recall from last week, we decided to escape to the beach for a while just so we could get away from the whirling swirling wind tunnel known as our bedrooms. Where we live in Brisbane may not be on the beach, but for some time we have been grateful to live in [...]