Think Ascot, think Ladies Day, think about all those strange hats and dressing up, think how very British that all is. Sometimes a day at the races can be fantastic fun, me and my friends used to go to Ascot and a few other racecourses every now and then for a big day out. It’s [...]


I said a while ago that if Bobby Andonov did not win Australia’s Got Talent, I’d eat my hat….. along with all the corks…… Well, last Tuesday Bobby Andonov did not win Australia’s Got Talent. Dang! But then I had a good idea he wouldn’t win when he sang that stupid Christina Aguilera song. As [...]


After a year in kindie, my little daughter,  aged 4 ¾, started school, proper school, (so she is now called a schoolie)  just over three weeks ago. Specifically on the 26th January after the long 8 week summer break. Weird huh, summer holidays over Christmas. Takes some getting used to. It’s just like going back [...]