Happy New Year

not flooded

Three years ago on January the 1st, for some very crazy reason, I started this blog. The starting the blog bit possibly isn’t the crazy idea, but the date is. It means that I now spend every blog birthday nursing a hangover. My many thanks to Mark and Louise, the hosts, and everyone else who [...]


As you probably know I live in Queensland. But at the moment I consider myself a very lucky Queenslander, others in the state aren’t having such a great New Year. Unless you’ve been living under a rock or partying so hard your eyeballs have become inverted, you’ll be aware of the devastating floods that have [...]

In my last ever blog post of 2009 I foolishly suggested that I’d be back on January the first. Unfortunately, I hadn’t taken into account the hangover I would be battling with after a magnificent party hosted by Andy and Michelle. My thanks to them for a great night. But there is only one way [...]

skiing santa

Well it has surely been Christmas week here on BobInOz. We’ve had Christmas lights, we’ve had Christmas songs and now we have Christmas Eve. Have I gone overboard on Christmas? Well, the thing is this. The temperature has been running at around 30°C here and the skies, for the most part, have been clear and [...]