In Wednesdays post I mentioned that I had driven from Wallaman Falls, which is east of Ingham, to Cardwell on the coast. What I didn’t say though is that in doing that, I’d crossed from North Queensland into Far North Queensland. Or FNQ, as it is sometimes called. There, I’ve said it now. I did [...]


I’ve often wondered what it would really be like to live in a small town in Australia. And when it comes to small towns, Australia’s got plenty of them. Most people who migrate to Australia though, they head for one of the big cities with Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and the very busy Sydney topping the [...]


It’s time to find out again whether Australia, usually referred to as the ‘lucky country’ is still the ‘happy country’, as in the happiest country in the (OECD) world. Now, I know I mentioned this a couple of months ago when I wrote about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in my post Who Are the Happiest [...]