Great Barrier Reef

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There are several sayings about being late. To be ‘fashionably late‘, for example, is somehow cool and something to be looked up to. Then there is the very forgiving ‘better late than never‘ kind of late. That’s being late and still getting a pat on the back. And then there’s the kind of late that [...]


On Monday we had a wander around Cairns, and on Wednesday we looked at the two Jewels in the Crown of Cairns: Kuranda and the Great Barrier Reef. Coming up I have a video that shows you all of that in movie style, and more. For example, they go to Trinity Beach, just north of [...]

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There is more to Cairns than just strolling around and having a look. There’s also more than just two ‘must do’ attractions in Cairns, but if you only had time for two, your choice would be simple. On land, you will want to visit the lush green rainforests of Kuranda, taking the cable car one [...]

Lake Awoonga

When a wine bar comes third in tripadvisor’s ‘Things to Do in Gladstone‘ list, you’ve got to start wondering if there is very much to do there at all. As you know, I was just passing through Gladstone during My Queensland Coast Road Trip. I only stayed a couple of hours, so I wasn’t really [...]

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A long time ago on this blog we played a very silly game of ‘Where’s Wally’. On that occasion, Wally was a kookaburra. Today we are going to play ‘Where’s Wally’ again. This time though, Wally is a fish. Can you spot Wally? I can assure you that Wally is a real fish, this isn’t [...]


For almost 8 years now me and Mrs Bob have lived in Queensland and we still haven’t yet visited the Great Barrier Reef. We came close a few years ago, it was a toss up between the Great Barrier Reef and Uluru; we chose the latter, embarking on a Journey to the Centre of Australia. [...]

Great Barrier Reef

I have had a really action packed weekend, not just because it was Easter, but because, well, I’ll tell you tomorrow. But today, something more serious has cropped up that I felt needed mentioning. Unlike my post from last week, Australia in crisis, this time it really is a crisis. You see, we have this [...]

Glasshouse Mountains

I need to get out more. It’s been a while since I talked about Queensland’s top 150 icons, but the last time I did it was about the top locations. I was surprised to see that I had been to eight out of 15 that made the final list. But now, as we look at [...]