Global Warming


AKA: The great carbon tax swindle! Something very strange is happening on our streets here in Australia. But first, let’s go back in time, over 20 years back, to 1990. Maggie Thatcher was in charge of my old country, England. She introduced a ridiculous tax, called the Poll Tax. People took to the streets to [...]

The Olgas

OK, the love affair with shorts is over! Yesterday my sister and brother-in-law jumped on a plane headed back to Old Blighty and they took the rain with them, just as they had bought it here in the first place. Or had they? I’ll come to that in a minute and also explain my heading [...]


As they say, “When it rains, it pours”. I have no intention of turning this blog into The Weather Channel, (as I said last winter) but over this last week or so the talk here has been all about the weather. I’ve already mentioned the towns that have been flooded in south-west Queensland, but following [...]