Global Financial Crisis


I have quite a few posts about house prices and I’ve also written one about the size of Australian houses and plots of land. Surely it wasn’t that long ago that I was bragging my house is bigger than your house? Turns out it was quite a while ago, I wrote that post in December [...]


Apparently, there’s too much wine. I said to Mrs BobinOz, “Apparently there’s too much wine” and she said “That’s ridiculous! How can you have too much wine?” Precisely. So what’s the story? Apparently, we have too many vineyards, have produced way too many grapes, resulting in far too much wine which is outstripping demand. Australia [...]


Well I know it’s old news, but as I mentioned them yesterday, I do want to get this one out. Although I am now far, far away, the demise of both Woolworth’s and MFI has still saddened me a great deal. These two stores were British icons. Woolworth’s, the wonder of Woollies, is no more. [...]