Actually, there are two problems. Here is the first. It rains, and then it’s sunny. It rains and then it’s sunny again. And then it rains again, then it’s sunny again. This weather pattern kind of repeats itself around these parts quite regularly. When it rains, it rains hard. When it’s sunny, it’s really hot [...]

redback spider

I think you know what’s coming. But before that, an important message. I realise that some of you may have found this page because you have just been bitten by a Redback Spider and you want to know what to do. You are looking for urgent medical advice. Here it is… On with the post. [...]


Sun, sea, sand, glorious clear blue skies, beaches, barbecues, beers, beautiful weather, swimming pools, fun, it’s what Australia is all about! But not this weekend. Without wanting to sound like a whingeing Pom, I am about to sound like a whingeing Pom. Living in a subtropical climate has many benefits, a few of which I [...]