Fun On The Beach


On Monday I was moaning because I didn’t really have the time to get over to see the Redcliffe Festival. Well, guess who went to Redcliffe yesterday? And…. Swam in the lagoon…… Had fun on the beach….. Played in the sand…. Climbed on the humongous tree… That’s right! Elizabeth with her mummy and some friends. [...]

kite surf

You might remember when I went to Wellington Point for a Sunday afternoon out, I got chatting to an Aussie guy about kite boarding. So what is kite boarding? Well, I think it’s more commonly known as kite surfing and it goes like this….. What I learnt about kite surfing. Jumps, which is what [...]

bouncy bouncy

Warrnambool is the biggest city along the Great Ocean Road. Well, you saw the road, (you did see the road in the last post, didn’t you?) there wasn’t much competition was there? We had decided to stay for three nights, mainly to give our daughter some beach time. She’s a plucky little girl, but even [...]