Fun Day


Friday was the first day of June and, for us here in Australia, the beginning of winter. Just last week, you may recall, I had my breakfast in a beach side cafe, and couldn’t resist sitting on the sand for a while afterwards on such a beautiful 22°C day. That happened the morning after Blues [...]


After last weekend’s back breaking gardening, this week it was time to have a little bit of fun. Elizabeth, as a member of the Tiny Turfer’s Club, had received her third letter from Eagle Farm Racecourse explaining they were having another Family Fun Day. They also explained that Elizabeth was no longer a Tiny Turfer, [...]

art in the park

Not far from where I live are the Anstead Bushlands. You may remember that we went there for a barbecue a few weeks ago. Well, we would have had trouble getting on to the free barbecuing equipment this Sunday as the whole area was taken over by an event being held by the Pullen Pullen [...]