Crikey, it’s 2016! Here we go again, another year. What I have noticed over the years is that every January I get a quite substantial spike in traffic. By substantial, consistently January’s visitors have been 50% up on the average number of visitors during the previous months. Every single year has been the same. That’s [...]

Australia and New Zealand magazine

It would have been July of this year when I wrote the following article for Australia and New Zealand magazine. The article then appeared in their October edition. Today I’m reprinting the article here and it is now December, the end of the year. If ever any of my magazine articles summed up a whole [...]


When you move to Australia, the big challenge is settling in. I’ve mentioned it many times around this website that it is crucial that you put in the effort to make new friends. Not always the easiest of tasks, depending on where you live and what your circumstances are. The first four months that we [...]