Fraser Island


Do we get earthquakes in Australia? That’s a question I answered some time ago in a post called Australia and Earthquakes. Surely Not. In that article I talked about some of the top 10 most powerful earthquakes we’ve had in this country and also Australia’s worst earthquake in terms of fatalities and damage. That was [...]


Private schools have already broken up for the long summer holidays here and on Friday state schools will be joining them. Some of those private schools can have seven or eight weeks off, state schools though tend to only have about six. So not too different from summer holidays in the UK, but because our [...]


Earlier in the week three dingoes attacked a man on Fraser Island. He was confronted by the animals as he walked along the beach on Monday night. He was bitten and scratched but managed to escape and was taken to Hervey Bay Hospital for treatment. I knew there were dingoes on Fraser Island, I’ve seen [...]

Fraser Island

It seems quite a while ago that I was at Hervey Bay enjoying a short break, which I’m sure you have all read about in my post called Sun, Sea, Sand and a Place to Chill. Shortly after that break, as I’m sure you also know, huge areas of South East Queensland were hit with [...]


As I mentioned in my post on Wednesday called Heading North for a Quick Australian Summer Holiday Break, I headed north last Sunday for a quick Australian summer holiday break. Yes, I like it when a title tells it exactly how it is. What I didn’t tell you though, is exactly where I went. It [...]


I mentioned in Friday’s post that I was packing my bags and leaving Australian mainland for the first time since my arrival nearly 2 1/2 years ago. I gave you some clues regarding my destination and one reader, John, had a stab at Fraser Island. Wrong! It was here……. So where is here? Well, we [...]


You will already know if you have read my entire blog, (you have read my entire blog, haven’t you?) That the most venomous creature in the world is the box jellyfish. I told you all about him on September 10, 2009. Now, I really didn’t want to tell you this, but I have decided I [...]