As football fans around the world will know, the English Premier League (EPL), sometimes also referred to as the Barclays Premier League (BPL) kicked off again a few weeks ago. Last time I wrote about English Football on Australian Television was in 2009, so I am overdue an update. With the new season well underway, [...]


If any of you haven’t heard of the AFC Asian Cup, then you can’t have read my post SBS Strike Again! Another Special European Broadcast. If you have read that post, you will know that the Asian Cup is actually older than the UEFA European Football Championship also referred to in the title. This competition has [...]


I’m so excited, the World Cup starts tonight! Now I know a lot of you are thinking it actually started last night, but this is Australia. Game on! Depending on your nation of residence, fill up your beer cupboard (UK) or fridge (AUS) with your brew of choice, put your favourite chair in pole position [...]

Australian Hyundai A-League versus The English Premier League thumbnail

I’m surprised I have lived here in Australia as long as I have without making this comparison before. Still, better late than never. Now, I understand this is a bit of a bloke’s post, and even then, not every bloke likes football (as it should be called) or soccer, as it is called here. For [...]


Tomorrow is FA Cup final day and this post may look as though it’s going to be about the English FA Cup Final at Wembley. It isn’t, it’s about something much more important than that. But for some while it will probably just look like a post about the English FA Cup Final at Wembley. [...]


I’ve written about things I miss about the UK before. It wasn’t a very long post, because there aren’t too many things that I do miss. In fact, at the time, there were only two. You can read about them in my post called What Do I Miss About England? But if you don’t want [...]


Last Saturday morning my young daughter, Elizabeth, played her first competitive team sport, netball. She really loved it and throughout the game the girls rotated positions. In the 12 minutes Elizabeth played as an attacker, she scored two goals. Or are they called nets or something? She is already looking forward to next week’s game. [...]

indoor football

When I lived in England, which is almost 3 years ago now, I used to regularly play five aside football. I played quite a bit of it actually, two games a week, one on Thursday nights and one on Sunday nights with the games lasting one hour each. And I did that for 28 years. [...]