Bar and band

I have mentioned before and it was shown to me again tonight, the Australian community spirit is alive and well and will remain so for a long long time. It’s something I noticed very early on following my move here, well, it’s difficult not to notice it. The Aussies love a local business, they love [...]

This blog is about life in Australia. And Australia is a continent that is pretty much out on its own. It’s a long way from many countries and about as far south east as you can get. We’ve been through a rough time lately; floods, bushfires and cyclones. It’s been tough. But we also have [...]


I had hoped that today would be a good time to change the mood of this blog and post about something light and entertaining, maybe even be a bit witty. And I thought it would make a change to write a post that didn’t mention the words rain, floods or cyclone. (Dang! Too late.) But [...]


On a personal note we have had a pretty yucky time of it lately. Within the last six weeks or so….. Car ignition barrel/cylinder broke. Repair cost: $618. Kerching! Mudslide to garden real wall. Repair cost: $803. Kerching! Front shock absorbers worn. Repair cost: $853. Kerching! Solar hot water tank leak. Replacement system cost $3,416. [...]


On Wednesday I talked about the impact of the floods on our community. I talked about how everyone of our community’s shops were flooded and the amount of work and time it’s all going to take before they are up and running again. But our area isn’t just about shops, Australia isn’t just about shops. [...]


As those of you who read Monday’s article will know, I am now on holiday. But I still did want to put a post online today provided I could get an Internet connection here in Adelaide. Well, I can. But hold on! I’m supposed to be on holiday, shouldn’t I take a rest? No worries, [...]


Today I am supposed to be on holiday. Actually, I should already be there. It’s a long story, but I suppose that’s what I do. So here goes…. A long, long time ago we booked up to go camping over at Rainbow Beach, which is about three hours drive north of Brisbane and between Gympie [...]


As you probably know I live in Queensland. But at the moment I consider myself a very lucky Queenslander, others in the state aren’t having such a great New Year. Unless you’ve been living under a rock or partying so hard your eyeballs have become inverted, you’ll be aware of the devastating floods that have [...]