One of the big attractions for us in moving to Australia was the weather. England, in case anybody doesn’t know, can be very “grey” and “drizzly”. Don’t get me wrong, the UK does do the four seasons very well; maybe you might get a bit of snow in winter but you will also get those [...]


Like most countries, we have a government run police, fire and ambulance service. I wonder though, how many other countries have anything like our SES… State Emergency Services (SES) All countries have emergencies, and Australia is no different. In these emergencies, we do rely on the police, fire and ambulance services to look after us. [...]

My post on Wednesday called how are you Bob pretty much summed up the events surrounding the flooding of Brisbane from a Western suburbs point of view. But yesterday morning at around 11.30 our electricity was restored, which has allowed me to fire up my PC again and make this video for you. I also [...]


Even in Australia, Bad Luck Comes in Threes You can live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, (we certainly think we do) but sometimes it doesn’t matter where you live. The forces, whatever they are, can always combine to “bite you”. Bad stuff happens! We recently had a bad, bad, bad [...]