Family And Friends


As you probably know, I like to reprint my written articles from Australia and New Zealand magazine about a month after they have appeared in the paper and ink version in the UK. I’m still running a bit behind, but today I have the article that appeared in January’s edition. I’ve written a few posts [...]

My Family

And will you make new friends when you get there? I have spoken about this before on a few occasions and it is still one of the big worries for most people considering emigrating to Australia. Will I ever see my family and friends again? Will I make new friends when I get there? You [...]


Moving to Australia: Will You Miss Your Friends? In last week’s post I spoke about the likelihood of your family and friends coming to visit you here in Australia. I mentioned that there were four criteria which were strong indicators that you could use on your family and friends to help you work out who [...]

My Family

Moving to Australia: Missing Friends and Family Ahh, Sir Cliff, now there is a British icon! Does he still sing at Wimbledon when it rains? Of course, his song from back in 1971 was actually called “Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha” and was about saying goodbye to boys and hello to girls. Today’s post is about [...]