Facts About Australia

Winter Sky

I have mentioned that before haven’t I? Not that I really need to, because of all of the interesting facts about Australia, I’d imagine there are three that just about everybody knows. It’s big. It’s hot. It’s got beautiful beaches. In today’s post, I am going to tear apart all of those preconceived notions and [...]


This……… ……is an Australian light switch. Perhaps I’m easily impressed, but when I first moved into our new house, I had a bucketload of decorating to do. Included on my list of tasks was…..prepare and paint every wall and every ceiling in the entire house. As anyone will tell you, the best way to paint [...]


We don’t much seem to have letterboxes on doors here. Every house I have seen so far has a post box, American-style, normally located just outside the property by the driveway entrance. These post boxes are targets for many flying missiles wrapped in elastic bands. Occasionally, if it looks like rain, these missiles are placed [...]


Any of you who have watched my videos about driving down the M1, firstly between Brisbane and Sydney and then from Sydney to Melbourne will already know how quiet these roads are. Why were they so quiet? I’ll take a guess. The population of Australia is about 20,600,856. The UK would fit into Australia approximately [...]