Emigrating To Australia


It’s always a tricky one, telling your relatives that you’re moving all the way to the other side of the world. When, exactly, is it a good time to mention it? How do you tell “granny” that the cute little fella she dotes on twice a week when she looks after him for you, is [...]


Well, for us it was. Four years ago on this very day, me, Mrs BobinOz and a very young Elizabeth landed at Brisbane International Airport and passed through customs as permanent residents of Australia. Now that we have been here for four full years, we are entitled to apply for Australian citizenship. I’ll tell you [...]


Red Carpet Day in Brisbane’s Western Suburbs. I suppose you could say we’ve had another groundbreaking event in terms of our lives here in Australia. It was a busy weekend, complete with red carpet… As we prepared to party with the stars….. We had 21 stars turn up in all and everyone had their handprint [...]

Great Ocean Road

Not so fast! In Monday’s post when I was talking about our meal in the West End and deciding whether it was expensive or not, I said “But there is another way of comparing the cost of living between Australia and England. I think it’s better and I’ll explain it in full on Wednesday.” And [...]

Dream house

Without a doubt, one of the great things about moving to Australia is the opportunity of buying your dream home. Yes, we’ve had many a debate here about which houses are cheaper between the UK and Australia, but there is no doubt which houses are bigger. In fact, as you will have read in my [...]

My Family

And will you make new friends when you get there? I have spoken about this before on a few occasions and it is still one of the big worries for most people considering emigrating to Australia. Will I ever see my family and friends again? Will I make new friends when I get there? You [...]

Live Seminar

Last week I spoke about the two most common questions I am asked here on BobinOz about moving to Australia. I hope you found that article helpful but if you have more questions, if you are really serious about moving to Australia, you may want to consider going to a seminar. Want a new life [...]


Open Wide… Say Ahh….and Cough. Thank You. Last week in Moving to Australia Part Nine (you can access ALL previous parts through that link) I mentioned that the medical, for me, was the scariest part of this whole process. Now, I know MY medical is relevant only to ME. But reading my story may give [...]