Education In Australia


In my continuation of politics week here on Bobinoz (come on, show some enthusiasm!) I’m going to talk to you about one of those bills that the current government hope to push through before the end of this month. Their chances of doing that, from where I’m standing, look quite remote. I’m talking about proposed [...]


I have written quite a few posts about schools and education in Australia here on Like these….. State Education in Australia: Year 2 Homework – June 2011 Australian Education: A Half Term Report – March 2010 Australian Schools: Helping You To Choose – January 2010 Australian Schools: Looking Back on Prep Year – December [...]


Just over a year ago, in a half term report about Elizabeth’s schooling, I revealed her excitement at being ‘allowed’ to do homework. I thought it would be a novelty that would wear off, but she is still as enthusiastic today about doing her homework as she was when she first got it. And although [...]

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We’ve recently had a few articles about education in Australia, most recently I compared Australian education standards with those of the UK and the USA. Narrowing the field down slightly, today I’m going to look at the educational standards of one 6 year old little girl. My little girl. In January she started her first [...]


I think it started when I got an email from Vivienne, a lady who has moved from Australia to the UK. She felt quite strongly that educational standards in the UK were better than here in Australia. I promised to look into it. Then, in a post I wrote about the cost of education in [...]


In a previous post where I discussed cost of living comparisons, I promised (rather foolishly I think) to try to unravel school fee variations from state to state. I am often saying what a big country Australia is, perhaps I should bear that in mind when I make such rash promises! The BobinOz rough guide [...]