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I have written quite a few posts about schools and education in Australia here on Like these….. State Education in Australia: Year 2 Homework – June 2011 Australian Education: A Half Term Report – March 2010 Australian Schools: Helping You To Choose – January 2010 Australian Schools: Looking Back on Prep Year – December [...]


Just over a year ago, in a half term report about Elizabeth’s schooling, I revealed her excitement at being ‘allowed’ to do homework. I thought it would be a novelty that would wear off, but she is still as enthusiastic today about doing her homework as she was when she first got it. And although [...]

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We’ve recently had a few articles about education in Australia, most recently I compared Australian education standards with those of the UK and the USA. Narrowing the field down slightly, today I’m going to look at the educational standards of one 6 year old little girl. My little girl. In January she started her first [...]