Do we get earthquakes in Australia? That’s a question I answered some time ago in a post called Australia and Earthquakes. Surely Not. In that article I talked about some of the top 10 most powerful earthquakes we’ve had in this country and also Australia’s worst earthquake in terms of fatalities and damage. That was [...]


Well, I haven’t mentioned that nasty word beginning with F, flooding that is, for some time. That’s because the heavy rains eased up a long time ago and by and large, the weather is back to normal. And as we are now well into autumn, cyclone season is over for another year. And for the [...]

This blog is about life in Australia. And Australia is a continent that is pretty much out on its own. It’s a long way from many countries and about as far south east as you can get. We’ve been through a rough time lately; floods, bushfires and cyclones. It’s been tough. But we also have [...]