Dust Storms


It’s been a hot, hot week here in Australia, very hot. Here in Brisbane, we’ve got off quite lightly compared to many other towns and cities. That said, the temperature gauge in my car peaked a couple of days ago at 38°C, that’s just over 100°F. Everybody has been feeling the heat, including snakes. This [...]

Kite accident

Yesterday I spoke about the fastest growing extreme sport currently on our shores here in Australia: Kite surfing. But as with all extreme sports, there is an element of danger. Having sold you (hopefully) on the excitement of the sport, it would be very wrong of me not to warn you of those dangers. The [...]


The BobinOz family are not the kind of people to set off for anywhere at the crack of dawn. So it was at about 1 pm on Friday that we finally descended our steep driveway and set off on our first ever camping adventure in Australia. At approximately 1:40 pm, at almost exactly the mid [...]

orange sky

We interrupt this blog for a weather warning, or two, or three… Boy I love this country! As a born and bred Brit, I just love talking about the weather. But I thought the Australian climate would become a little boring. Hot and sunny with clear blue skies every day is lovely to live in [...]