Welcome home

Last week I told you about my night out at the pub when a group of us went into the city to have a farewell do for some good friends of ours. You can read about the “leaving do” here. But in a nutshell, our friends came here to live in Australia for two years [...]


Well, despite the continued rain there was one event last week that we couldn’t cancel or postpone. Come rain or shine it was going to go ahead, and go ahead it did. This also answers the question of what I did at the weekend. It was party time! Not big tall people drinking too much [...]

Here, in Brisbane, at around 6 p.m. on Monday evening of this week it started to rain. I can honestly say that for the first time in my entire life rainfall felt really good. It gave me a deep sense of joy. Rainfall has given me joy before, but in a most opposite way. Back [...]

“It” has only been mentioned three times in the entire archives of BobinOz. Sami mentioned “it” in her guest post; on that occasion “it” surfaced over at Mooloolaba Beach, but of course I didn’t see it. “It” also gets mentioned twice more, firstly when I talked about the heavy storms we suffered in May earlier [...]