Driving in Australia


I’ve done a lot of driving lately, some of you may have noticed. If you haven’t noticed it, just click on this link to my recent road trip posts, you will soon see what I mean. So that’s what I wrote about for a recent Australia and New Zealand magazine article; driving around in my [...]


For many countries I would imagine the biggest dangers driving on the roads would be fog, rain, or maybe even snow. Not here, not in Australia. I was reminded of this as we drove along the Pacific Highway towards Coffs Harbour a couple of weeks ago. My satnav gave me a warning that, unless you [...]


Any of you who live in the UK will know that if you decide to drive out of town, it is usually not long before you are driving into another town. Where I used to live, for example, if I drove out of town in any one of four different directions, within 10 minutes I [...]


Before I get to that, I’m going to talk about the hidden dangers on the UK’s roads that most Australians have probably never heard about. It’s called black ice. Over to Wikipedia to explain black ice: “Black ice, sometimes called clear ice, refers to a thin coating of glazed ice on a surface. While not [...]


Yes, after a long hard term doing all that learning stuff, it’s the school holidays here in Australia. At last, time for their well-deserved rest, or… Time to have some fun! Let’s see, what could we do? Well there are several theme parks down at the Gold Coast, just one and a bit hour’s drive. [...]


Yes, here in Australia and New Zealand we have a word that you don’t. In fact I’m pretty sure we are the only countries in the world that have this word. It’s not a swear word, the police use it all the time. In these parts, it is regarded as a “proper” word. What is [...]

Open Roads

Driving in Australia. Is it a safer? A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about driving in Australia and the RBT. I ended that post by saying “But hopefully, because of these RBT’s, Australia’s roads are safer. I am only guessing.” Well, I sure was guessing! Britain 3,201 people were killed on Britain’s [...]

Police Stop!

Drinking and Driving in Australia I held a full driving licence in the UK for just over 30 years and drove thousands of miles in that time. My best guess would be somewhere between a quarter of a million and a half a million miles. I was never, ever breathalysed. Not once. I have not [...]