Snaking Caterpillars: The Pine Processionary Caterpillar or Itchy Grub thumbnail

Does anybody remember my post Going for a Walk with Mrs Bob? Let me remind you. There are a succession of four rather steep hills in a piece of conservation parkland close to where we live that can be rather challenging for a power walk. This is what it looks like… Mrs Bob and her [...]


Mrs Bobinoz walked back into the house this morning; she had a cat carrier in her hand with two cats inside and a dog on the end of a lead. “That’s all the pets’ injections up-to-date for another year!” She said. Before adding… “Don’t ask me how much though.” Of course, I then had to [...]


Baggy: 23rd of December 1997 – 24th of June 2011 When we moved to Australia in November 2007, he was the first to arrive having flown three weeks ahead of us to begin his stint in quarantine. Some of you will have read the ‘horror story’ of when we picked him up from Brisbane airport [...]