About a month ago I wrote an article called Driving Out Of Town in Australia when I posted pictures of roads as I, you’ve guessed it, drove out of town. The towns, well cities, I drove out of were Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. Regular reader djmcbell noted in the comments that there weren’t very many [...]


For the last six weeks or so we’ve been cycling around Australia’s major cities on bikes without using the obligatory cycle helmets. That’s because we’ve been cycling ‘virtually’ from our armchairs via the wonder that is YouTube. We’ve enjoyed bike riding in Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and last week Brisbane, so now there are [...]


Time to reflect back on 2013. Actually, it’s way past time, I should have reflected on last year sometime in January really, but this is not the first year I’ve been late. What am I talking about? It’s time for another of my ‘summing up a full year in a five-minute–ish video’ videos and this [...]


It was only two weeks ago that I ran my last reprint of an Australia and New Zealand magazine article, that one was about Acclimatising to the Australian Winter Weather. I’ve been falling a bit behind with these reruns though, so today I’m rushing through another one which, as it happens, is the perfect answer [...]


For some people the idea of moving to Australia conjures up some very strange thoughts and questions. Will I miss my friends and family? How will I cope with the snakes and spiders? Will it be too hot for me? If I go swimming in the sea, will I get eaten by a shark? Will [...]


It’s time to wrap up Darwin week which has turned into Darwin fortnight. We really loved our 10 day holiday there and apart from when we went crocodile hunting… …we didn’t see any creatures, critters or killers from the animal kingdom whatsoever that could really be regarded as dangerous. So, Darwin then, not as scary [...]


You cannot go to Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia without doing a bit of croc hunting, can you? Let’s face it, it would be insane to go all that way and not want to see a crocodile in the wild. We’ve all seen them in zoos… …but we want to see them in [...]


If you’ve never been to Darwin, and up until Saturday 29th of June this year I hadn’t, I suspect it is one of those cities that you really can’t be too sure about. I know that’s how it was for me and as I said before on these pages, I’ve always felt it’s the kind of [...]