This year’s Brisbane Festival draws to a close on Saturday the 26th. It will, of course, end with Riverfire, the traditional firework extravaganza during which pyrotechnics launched from the river will light up the city skyline. The festival runs for three weeks each year, so I missed most of it whilst I was temporarily BobinUSA. [...]


Australian ‘culture’ has had a colourful portrayal in the media over the years. In the 70s we had Monty Python suggesting all blokes were called Bruce, loved beer and hated ‘poofters’. Australian comedian Barry Humphries further enhanced the world’s perception of Australian culture with his fictional character Barry McKenzie. In the 1972 film ‘The Adventures [...]


If you were to for Google ‘where to get the best coffee in Australia‘, you will find that this really is a much talked about subject here. Top of the pile when I looked is a website dedicated entirely to this question and listing various Australian coffee selling establishments and inviting the general public to [...]

South Bank

Well, not quite yet. A few days ago Queensland’s Premier Campbell Newman along with Arts Minister Ian Walker unveiled their master plan to turn South Bank into entertainment precinct which is the envy of the rest of Australia. It’s already pretty good… Over the next 20 years the plan is to make it even better. [...]


Like most countries, Australia has “terrestrial” TV and “subscription” TV. I’ve mentioned the TV channels before in my post called What’s On Television in Australia? I’ve also mentioned subscription TV in my post about English Football on Australian Television. Now I want to talk about one particular channel on the free terrestrial television service, it’s [...]


When I moved to Australia, I flew here on a plane like this…. Yesterday, for the first time in almost 4 years of living here as a permanent resident, I flew out of the country on a plane like this….. So, as you are reading this, I am BobNOTinOz. So if I am BobNOTinOz, where [...]