I know we only had an Australia and New Zealand magazine article last week, but again I am trying to catch up a bit. So here’s another one, and it’s probably good timing. If any of you have been following my recent road trip, then you will know that last time I wrote about it we [...]


You cannot go to Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia without doing a bit of croc hunting, can you? Let’s face it, it would be insane to go all that way and not want to see a crocodile in the wild. We’ve all seen them in zoos… …but we want to see them in [...]


Crocodiles here in Australia are a northern thing, we don’t get them in the south and we certainly don’t get them here in Brisbane. As a rule of thumb, crocodiles generally live north of Gladstone and all way around the northern coastline of Australia right way across to Broome in Western Australia. But that is [...]


I’ve written quite a few articles about snakes, spiders and sharks, but I haven’t given anywhere near as much attention to crocodiles. Maybe that’s because we don’t get them round our way. In fact, most people living in Australia don’t get them round their way either. Crocodiles are only found across the northern tip of [...]


Before all that scary stuff about snakes and sharks and death and attacks in Australia and the USA, here are a couple of updates. Summer began here in Australia yesterday and Christmas is in the air. I still can’t get used to the two of them together. As Eddie Izzard said, it’s like having custard [...]


Time for another reprint of one of my recent articles for Australia and New Zealand magazine. With impeccable timing, given the cockroach and snake posts of last week, today I’m going to be talking about Australia’s ‘other’ wildlife; the nice stuff. With articles like this, I have an advantage over the magazine, even if I [...]


Crocs in Cairns I have mentioned crocodiles quite a lot on this blog, but as I live in Brisbane I’ve never seen one in the wild and it’s very unlikely that I ever will this far south in the state. But in Far North Queensland, or FNQ as it’s known, crocodile sightings are becoming more [...]

Anyone who has read the last two or three posts here during the past week, will know that I have travelled to one of the most southerly points in Australia during the middle of winter. As a result of that, I have spent a week enjoying some of the coldest weather Australia has to offer. [...]