Do humans look like they can fly? Do people on bikes look as though they are just about to turn a vertical, and cycle up the side of the tree? Do kids walking home from school, satchels over their backs, look as though they are about to climb trees for fun? No! So what’s with [...]


Australia has a pretty good selection of itsy-bitsy teeny scary creatures and I’ve mentioned a few before on this blog. I have previously described the mosquito as Australia’s biggest baddest thing. And I first looked at Australia’s ants back in May 2009 and re-looked at them again this year. Well, more specifically, I looked at [...]

It’s been almost 2 years since I wrote my post strange Australian back garden beastie sounds. Today, I have a triple feature for you, three lots of strange beastie sounds not from my back garden but from my friends back gardens! Unlike before, this time I’m pretty sure I know who is making the music. [...]