Creepy Crawlies

I think it’s an absolute miracle that I’ve lived here over four years and I still haven’t done a post on the TV program “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!” hosted by Ant and Dec. Today, I’m going to change that. What spurred me into this action now? Well, two performances that are [...]


As you know, I like to reprint my articles from Australia and New Zealand Magazine about a month after they first appear in print. Well, I seem to be falling behind further and further as time goes on. Here we are in April, and I am about to print the article that appeared in February’s [...]


We had our third annual pest control service on Monday. I have mentioned these before, but it’s only now that I feel I can accurately assess what I think of the service we have had so far. First, let’s recap: When we moved in to our Australian home back in November 2007, the occupants were [...]

not a funnel web spider

Many people would love to live in Australia and dream of moving here at some point. But also for many the fear of snakes and spiders in Australia may just be enough to put them off the idea. So what’s it really like when you do live in Australia? Acclimatisation – getting used to Australian [...]


In my post announcing I was going camping in Australia, I said  I was “off into the wilds to live side by side with nature’s wildest beasts”. So, did I see any? The first sign of wildlife that I noticed was a singing kookaburra who was perched on a tree about 20 feet away from [...]


My “Australia’s Bad Things” category continues with “NOT” Bad Things. I know many of you are waiting for the real scary creepy crawlies and they are on the way. Soon. But first…. Brisbane is lizard city, they are everywhere. 59 species from all five Australian families have made Greater Brisbane their home. What are these [...]


As I said last Tuesday, I am going to feature some of “Australia’s Bad Things” on weekly basis. When most people think of the bad things in Australia, then snakes and spiders, crocs and sharks spring to mind. But I will be delving into Australia’s bad things at a deeper level. There are more bad [...]