Scenic Rim

I’ve got some wonderful videos for you today, especially if you like the great outdoors, the countryside, hills, biking and hiking. If you think the Australian countryside is nothing more than dusty dirt tracks, searing heat and barren landscapes in the outback, this post is also for you. If you remember, last weekend we went [...]


We’ve done quite a lot of driving out of town recently. We first went Driving Out Of Town in Australia in January when we drove out of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. In February we drove out of Darwin and Adelaide along several Australian Roads with Very Few Cars on Them. Sandwiched in between those two [...]


About a month ago I wrote an article called Driving Out Of Town in Australia when I posted pictures of roads as I, you’ve guessed it, drove out of town. The towns, well cities, I drove out of were Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. Regular reader djmcbell noted in the comments that there weren’t very many [...]


Any of you who live in the UK will know that if you decide to drive out of town, it is usually not long before you are driving into another town. Where I used to live, for example, if I drove out of town in any one of four different directions, within 10 minutes I [...]


A lamington is a very popular Australian desert. It’s a sponge cake with chocolate sauce and sprinklings of coconut. It looks very much like this… Apparently it originated in Brisbane and there are several theories about where the name ‘Lamington’ came from. None of those theories, as far as I could see, are anything to [...]


One of the joys of moving to a new country is discovering new places. I’ve been here over six years now and you’d probably think I would have run out of the places to see that are still within a relatively short driving distance for me. Not true. Jacobs Well I didn’t know Jacob was [...]


Well, how can I put this? There’s not much about. Today I want to wrap up my adventures in the middle of Australia with this final report. I have already quite comprehensively covered Uluru so now, here’s the other stuff. Pretty much slap bang in the middle is the one large town, Alice Springs. And, [...]

I am not here. I am in Maroochydore. thumbnail

A bit of a short post today on account of the fact that I am not here. I am in Maroochydore. So I wrote this post yesterday and set it to be published today at 6 pm my time, so that the rest of the world will have it first thing in the morning. But [...]