Cost Of Living

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I am often asked, mostly on my page called Calculating Your Comfortable Family Income in Australia, whether people would be able to live comfortably on the wage they have been offered. The questions usually take the form of… “Hi, I have an opportunity to work in insert name of place here, I’ve been offered a [...]


Current Rates Aussie yakka: One hour of hard yakka buys $35.74 of stuff. The UK yakka: One hour of hard yakka buys £13.64 of stuff. Click on the following link to see my original article on the hard yakka. As I mentioned in my article How Expensive is Australia last month, I realised I hadn’t [...]


Whenever anybody who is moving to Australia asks me what they should or shouldn’t bring with them, I almost always advise them to bring the lot. Beds, furniture, toys, books, bikes, the whole shaboodle; the only exceptions are soiled garden goods, maybe the TV and of course, there’s no need to bring the kitchen sink. [...]

The first time I compared the cost of houses between England and Australia was in February 2009 when I wrote…. Australia vs England at House Prices On that occasion there were lots of news headlines going around suggesting Australia’s houses were among the most expensive in the world. I didn’t think so, having moved from [...]

I have always stated on this blog that Australia’s houses are cheaper than those in the UK. But as property values fall back in Britain and the pound versus the Australian dollar tumbles, I am forced to relook look at the figures. If you want to check out my original post, you can read it [...]

Price Comparisons

Time to take another look at the cost of living in Australia. My apologies to those of you who live anywhere in the world other than England, as this price comparison will be almost meaningless. But you can, of course, always use the Australian prices quoted here to compare with your price locally. If you [...]

Grocery Prices in Australia

In what may be (some of you may wish to argue and suggest other entries) my most boring post to date, I bring you a relatively meaningless grocery price comparison chart. I say boring because it wasn’t much fun writing it and I can’t imagine it makes great reading. But if you are considering coming [...]

Petrol Prices Australia

Today sees the launch of a new category on BobinOz. It’s called the Cost of Living in Australia. It strikes me that anybody interested in coming to live in Australia permanently, would be very interested in knowing how much it costs to live here. Call it a hunch. If you are looking for a short [...]