Cost of Living – Australia

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I am often asked, mostly on my page called Calculating Your Comfortable Family Income in Australia, whether people would be able to live comfortably on the wage they have been offered. The questions usually take the form of… “Hi, I have an opportunity to work in insert name of place here, I’ve been offered a [...]


A question I am often asked by international students thinking of studying in Australia is, ‘Can I work part-time to help pay off my student education fees in Australia?‘ The costs This isn’t a complete budget, it’s very rough, but it gives you an idea of the problem you will face if you are hoping [...]


We interrupt this blog about life in Australia to bring you a cute little fluffy dog story. But don’t worry, it’s all going to be delivered as if it was a serious cost comparison between Australia and the UK  about buying a puppy. So that’s all right then, isn’t it? As regular readers will know, [...]


So far in this series about the cost of living in Australia, we have looked at four different areas of expense: petrol, groceries, house prices and electrical goods; and compared them with their equivalent costs in England. The fifth blog post in this series was not really a comparison but more about the nosedive of [...]

Pound v AUD

What on earth is happening to the “Great British Pound”? Short answer: It’s sinking! More detailed answer…. When I first posted about house hunting in Australia back in February, I assumed an exchange rate (correct at the time) of 2.2 Aussie dollars to the pound. Also, I talked about a house that would have cost [...]