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stamp duty

The cost of stamp duty in Australia and England compared. We have already looked at the cost comparisons when buying a house in Australia compared with England, but what about the stamp duty? Which country is cheapest? And the winner is………… England! There, that was straight to the point wasn’t it? No big build up, [...]


In a previous post where I discussed cost of living comparisons, I promised (rather foolishly I think) to try to unravel school fee variations from state to state. I am often saying what a big country Australia is, perhaps I should bear that in mind when I make such rash promises! The BobinOz rough guide [...]


No, not me…….. And now for something completely different……. There are always two sides to every coin, of course. One of my more controversial categories has been “Cost of Living — Australia” which has attracted several comments doubting the validity of my findings. As if! One woman in particular, Vivienne, felt that Australia was NOT [...]


Oh My Word It’s Nearly Christmas! If you think Christmas creeps up on you in the UK, imagine what it is like living here in Australia when, during the middle of the summer, Christmas trees start sprouting up in the shopping malls. It frightened me the other day I can tell you. I’ve already given [...]

In this, the final instalment in my trilogy covering the cost of living in Australia for alcohol, I am looking at the cost of spirits. Previously we have looked at beer and wine costs here in Australia and compared them with those in England. So far, beer is more expensive here in Australia and wine [...]


Your quick guide to Australian wines. Personally, I don’t drink wine. I haven’t mastered the art of sipping, my mouth only seems capable of the gulp. So quite rightly, I stick to beer. On the other hand, Mrs BobinOz does enjoy a glass of wine as previously mentioned. So this article relies heavily on the [...]


Beer Prices in Australia. Whilst the production team (me) here at BobinOz do not condone excessive alcohol consumption we do appreciate that some people might enjoy an occasional glass of wine or the odd beer. The occasions Mrs BobinOz enjoys wine include nightfall and my idea of an odd beer would be 11 cans of [...]


Anybody living or who has lived in the UK and is somewhere approaching as old as I am, will remember the days when British Telecom could charge people whatever they wanted, treat them however they felt like treating them and banked almost 300 gazillion million pounds in clear profit every single second. Then, 25 years [...]