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Time for a another reprint of an article I wrote for Australia and New Zealand magazine, this is the one that appeared in their March issue a couple of months ago. A month before that, I’d written an article about hopping on a plane and visiting other Australian cities and I was going to follow [...]


It’s not been a good week, has it? It doesn’t get much worse than Mondays post, which involved a snakebite fatality. Wednesday’s post did nothing to cheer you up after that, it was about cockroaches. Both of these posts sit firmly under the category of “Australia’s Bad Things“, which is, of course, full of bad [...]


Whilst campaigning for the 2010 Federal election, Julia Gillard said “There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead”. She won the election. Yesterday, under the government led by Julia Gillard, carbon tax legislation was ratified. So today I want to talk about…….. Cockroaches. Of all the critters in all the world, there [...]

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I have mentioned the State of Origin before on a couple of occasions and I did talk a little bit about its background in my post from last year when I watched my first ever game between the Cane Toads and the Cockroaches. Well, that’s the derogatory nicknames for the teams; let me remind you [...]


We had our third annual pest control service on Monday. I have mentioned these before, but it’s only now that I feel I can accurately assess what I think of the service we have had so far. First, let’s recap: When we moved in to our Australian home back in November 2007, the occupants were [...]


It’s been a big week here in Queensland, and it’s going to continue to get bigger. There is so much going on; I don’t know where to start. Here is as good a place as any……… State of Origin State of origin is a term used in sports and the best way I can explain [...]


I don’t think there is any doubt that this next intruder is the one intruder that really turns my wife’s stomach. She can’t stand them! A lot of people can’t stand them. We’ve not had too many actually in the home, my best guess would be about six to eight in the 18 months we’ve [...]