Easy……Move to Australia. If that sounds overly simplistic or as though it’s some kind of joke, for me, it isn’t. Moving to Australia really did completely change my life. And in December’s issue of Australia and New Zealand Magazine, that’s what I wrote about. If you didn’t buy your issue, you’ve almost certainly missed out [...]


Barely a week to go to Christmas and I’ve heard that Britain is bracing itself for a battering of snow. Here in south-east Queensland, we are also being battered, by storms! Yes, it’s storm season in Australia. Yesterday afternoon, more than 100,000 homes lost power as a ferocious storm ripped through Brisbane. 28,000 lightning strikes [...]

BobinOz and Santa

I went out the other day to do some Christmas shopping here in Australia. I took myself off to one of those retail parks, you know, big stores out in the open. Here’s a picture of me (pics taken by my little girl, Elizabeth, at no cost. Don’t you love child labour?) with Santa…… But [...]


Okay, we haven’t even hit July yet, Christmas is a very long way away and yet I am going to talk about Christmas shopping in Australia? Am I nuts? Sure, it’s a good idea not to leave it until Christmas Eve but to get your Christmas shopping organised now would be crazy, wouldn’t it? No, [...]


Talking of stamps, I heard from a friend of mine back in England the other week that there was a bit of a post strike going on. When I departed from England’s shores two years ago, the UK’s postal service seemed a complete mess to me. So now I live in Australia, what is Australia [...]


It doesn’t seem that long ago that I wrote an article about my daughter, Elizabeth, starting school. But guess what? In less than two weeks time she will break up for the summer holidays and at the same time mark the end to her first full year in state education. On Friday the 11th of [...]


Regular readers will know that, come the weekend, we usually try to find something different to do. But not this weekend. This weekend was all about work. Firstly, my daughter Elizabeth had a dress rehearsal for her up and coming Christmas concert, a three hour extravaganza in which she will display her recently acquired talent [...]