Christmas Shopping


My word, it’s about time I did some Christmas shopping. Wouldn’t want to leave it to the last minute. Every year I do this kind of Christmas shopping, what I love most about this particular shopping exercise is that it doesn’t cost me a single penny or cent, this shopping is completely free. It’s hypothetical [...]


As Christmas descends upon us it is time again to go shopping for toys; well, they don’t all come from Santa… In particular I want to compare prices between Australia and the UK. I’ve done this a few times before in previous years, notably… The Cost of Living in Australia: Buying Toys in November 2009 [...]


Its Christmas time and that means it’s time to go shopping. Well, I don’t want to leave it to the last minute, do I? But what am I going to buy? And would whatever I buy cost more in the UK than in Australia, or will it be the other way round? Surely we all [...]


I have often spoken enthusiastically about Australia’s “free stuff” and at Christmas time, Australia’s free stuff comes into its own. So much so, that this year Brisbane City Council have released a booklet… Allow me to read it to you, kind of. If you were here, (maybe you are here?) you’d have been invited to [...]

weather warnings

For today’s post I was going to tell you about all the Christmas activities that are scheduled to take place here in Brisbane. And there are plenty of them! They’ve already started. On Friday we went to Brookfield for the evening, the Bush Christmas event took place at the Showgrounds. No need for me to [...]

BobinOz and Santa

I went out the other day to do some Christmas shopping here in Australia. I took myself off to one of those retail parks, you know, big stores out in the open. Here’s a picture of me (pics taken by my little girl, Elizabeth, at no cost. Don’t you love child labour?) with Santa…… But [...]


Okay, we haven’t even hit July yet, Christmas is a very long way away and yet I am going to talk about Christmas shopping in Australia? Am I nuts? Sure, it’s a good idea not to leave it until Christmas Eve but to get your Christmas shopping organised now would be crazy, wouldn’t it? No, [...]


Oh My Word It’s Nearly Christmas! If you think Christmas creeps up on you in the UK, imagine what it is like living here in Australia when, during the middle of the summer, Christmas trees start sprouting up in the shopping malls. It frightened me the other day I can tell you. I’ve already given [...]