Christmas Lights


Last week I did a post called Australia versus the UK: Christmas Shopping Compared. A few days ago, Dawn popped by and asked some more than reasonable questions in the comments… “When we were putting up our Christmas decorations yesterday it got me thinking. What do families in Australia do, do they have real Christmas [...]


Summer arrived with the weekend, and we certainly had the weather to match; temperatures have been hitting around 32°C. Tomorrow, Tuesday, the forecast is scorchio; we are told temperatures here in Brisbane could hit 40°C and elsewhere around Queensland could get as high as 45°. We are talking about temperatures in excess of 100°F and [...]

skiing santa

Well it has surely been Christmas week here on BobInOz. We’ve had Christmas lights, we’ve had Christmas songs and now we have Christmas Eve. Have I gone overboard on Christmas? Well, the thing is this. The temperature has been running at around 30°C here and the skies, for the most part, have been clear and [...]


In my post last week about England versus Australia on Christmas traditions, I mentioned that some people around these parts can go a little crazy with their Christmas decorations. I promised to tell you more about that later in the week, but today, later than later in the week but certainly at the beginning of [...]

Face painting

But the weekend wasn’t all back breaking gardening work, I managed to squeeze in some fun too. That’s assuming that you will agree with me in saying the weekend starts at around five o’clock on a Friday afternoon. Because that is when we set off for Brookfield. I have mentioned Brookfield before, because back in [...]

santas post box

With temperatures topping 30°C on a daily basis now, sometimes reaching 36°C, it can be easy to forget that Christmas is just around the corner. Luckily there are regular events which act as reminders to keep us on track, like Christmas trees appearing in shopping malls and ordinary houses beginning to look like something out [...]