Christmas in Australia


It’s the last Friday before Christmas and certainly the festive season is about to begin. For some people, but not all, today was their last day at work and they won’t be going back until January 6. This year, unusually, I’ve decided to join them and there is a very good reason for that. Me, [...]

Ski Santa

I’ve talked a lot about Christmas in Australia this week; on Monday I astonished myself when I discovered (eventually) that it was possible to have A White Christmas in Australia. On Wednesday I went through a kind of Christmassy list thing All About Christmas in Australia. But, I hear you ask, but Bob, tell us, [...]


Last week I did a post called Australia versus the UK: Christmas Shopping Compared. A few days ago, Dawn popped by and asked some more than reasonable questions in the comments… “When we were putting up our Christmas decorations yesterday it got me thinking. What do families in Australia do, do they have real Christmas [...]


It’s time for another one of those reruns of an article that I have had published in Australia and New Zealand magazine. If you thought my last months rerun was out of sync, and I’m talking about the one called fireworks in Australia, wait till you read this one. That said, imagine living in the [...]


Well, yesterdays sing-along-a-Russ went down a real storm! I have been inundated with thousands of emails from all around the world, thanking me for bringing families together and for encouraging them to singing merrily on high. So I have dug deep into the archives to find more classic Australian Christmas songs and today I have a [...]


As you know, our weekend began with horse racing on Saturday, but how did it end? Allow me to tell you. On Saturday evening, we put up our Christmas decorations. Our idea of Christmas decorations is probably a little more conservative than most people’s idea. We have, for many years, simply put up a Christmas [...]

Face painting

But the weekend wasn’t all back breaking gardening work, I managed to squeeze in some fun too. That’s assuming that you will agree with me in saying the weekend starts at around five o’clock on a Friday afternoon. Because that is when we set off for Brookfield. I have mentioned Brookfield before, because back in [...]


I know Christmas is well behind us now, but I just want to get this one out of the way. Then I’ll move on. This was how my Boxing Day went. You can read more about it below this video… We had already arrived in Australia by December of last year, so this was [...]