Christmas Day


So that was Christmas and the New Year, how was it for you? Here’s how it was for us: We spent Christmas Day and Boxing Day round friends along with more friends. In total I think there were 13 adults (15 at one point) and, give or take one or two, about the same number [...]


Last week I did a post called Australia versus the UK: Christmas Shopping Compared. A few days ago, Dawn popped by and asked some more than reasonable questions in the comments… “When we were putting up our Christmas decorations yesterday it got me thinking. What do families in Australia do, do they have real Christmas [...]


The vast majority of my readers come from the UK, Australia or the USA. My best guess is that half of us (that’ll be the Australian readers and those living in California) are dreaming of a dry Christmas. The rest of you are probably going to get a white one. Given the choice out of [...]


Easy……Move to Australia. If that sounds overly simplistic or as though it’s some kind of joke, for me, it isn’t. Moving to Australia really did completely change my life. And in December’s issue of Australia and New Zealand Magazine, that’s what I wrote about. If you didn’t buy your issue, you’ve almost certainly missed out [...]


Well, yesterdays sing-along-a-Russ went down a real storm! I have been inundated with thousands of emails from all around the world, thanking me for bringing families together and for encouraging them to singing merrily on high. So I have dug deep into the archives to find more classic Australian Christmas songs and today I have a [...]


….”It IS who you think, but instead driven by……..” The more observant of you would have noticed something strange about Santa’s reindeer in yesterday’s post about Christmas house lights. For those of you who aren’t so observant, let me help you out. As you can no doubt see, the reindeer appear to be in the [...]


As you know, our weekend began with horse racing on Saturday, but how did it end? Allow me to tell you. On Saturday evening, we put up our Christmas decorations. Our idea of Christmas decorations is probably a little more conservative than most people’s idea. We have, for many years, simply put up a Christmas [...]


What’s it really like to up sticks and move all the way around to the other side of the world? We have now completed our first full year, the whole of 2008, of living in Australia. Here are the highlights, in a 3 minute and 33 second video. My intention was to launch this website [...]