Statistics will tell you that Brisbane doesn’t usually get much rain in August. According to historical data for 2000 to 2013, around 38 mm of rainfall is average for the month. On Saturday alone we had over 22 mm which was a shame because it was the weekend of one of Brisbane’s most popular shindigs. [...]


According to the Chinese zodiac, this year, 2013, is the Year of the Snake. Very fitting, I think, for us here in Australia. I did a little research about “The Snake” and found out that ancient Chinese wisdom suggests having a snake in the house is a good sign. I was pretty pleased to discover [...]


You may recall we had a night out on the town barely 3 months ago when our daughter had her first sleep over since we came to live in Australia. On Saturday Elizabeth had sleepover number two, so we felt it was only right that we had night on the town number two. We’d never [...]