Champions League

Watching the UEFA Champions League (UCL) in Australia thumbnail

Last night, which would have been early hours in the morning here, the UEFA Champions League (UCL) kicked off, as the 2018/19 competition got underway. The UCL is almost certainly the world’s most prestigious club competition; it’s undoubtedly the top prize for the big clubs like Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Barcelona. But how do [...]

5 a side

This may sound like a story about football, but it could be a story around any sport or hobby. It could be basketball, croquet, bowls, chess, tennis, Scrabble, dominoes, darts, fish keeping, gardening, squash, yoga; I could go on, maybe I already have. And for those of you who thought I was joking when I [...]


Anyone who is a big football fan will know and understand exactly what I am about to say. Because I am going to talk about the things we do to avoid hearing the score of the match. Anybody who has ever seen the episode of “Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads” where they spend all [...]