We’ve been spending the last few weeks preparing for summer. Yes, every year as the weather warms up there are certain precautions that may not ‘need’ doing, but it’s a good idea if you do. So far we’ve had… Preparing for Summer Part One: Mosquitoes Preparing for Summer Part Two: Severe Weather Today we will [...]


It’s been quite some time since I last reported an intruder into my Australian home. We certainly had one on Saturday and even though we had more than 20 children around for Elizabeth’s 10th birthday party, unfortunately Remy the psychotic cat was the first to greet our guest. It was brought to my attention when a [...]


Mrs Bobinoz walked back into the house this morning; she had a cat carrier in her hand with two cats inside and a dog on the end of a lead. “That’s all the pets’ injections up-to-date for another year!” She said. Before adding… “Don’t ask me how much though.” Of course, I then had to [...]

Remember this? With extraordinary timing, a reader has posted a comment on a previous post. Why is the timing significant? First we need to go back in time about five or six months …….. I am sitting in my living area, or lounge as I used to call it, it is a late at [...]